“Our vision is to sustain the Italian culture in the new generation by inspiring children to live bi-linguism as a lifestyle”

“Our aim is to create a gift for life”

Lingua4kids lessons methods (informed by the latest research in language learning)

Our classes at Lingua4Kids are conducted by teachers with native-level proficiency in Italian which is focused on interaction between teacher and students.

We develop our student’s speaking skills and pronunciation and consolidate their knowledge of grammar through engaging lessons with lots of speaking opportunities, rather than a ‘one-way’ tutorial style.

At Lingua4Kids we help your child to develop their critical thinking skills and confidence and benefit their everyday communication in our internationalised world.

  • Continuous full immersion of the Italian language and culture

  • Learning though playing by using tangible resources to stimulate the little minds and create interest

  • Discover the use of grammar through learning

  • P.R. Total physical response

  • Music and drama activities combined with Italian culture and language

  • Introduction to geography and history of Italian territory as a method to discover Italian origins

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