Our Story

My true inspiration for setting up Lingua4Kids were my two daughters. Since before they were born I always felt I had the obligation as a linguist to keep alive my native language and to inspire them to maintain their bilingualism. As easy as it may sound this was quite a tricky task.

I always taught languages since I was a university student, I always found teaching children very inspiring and extremely rewarding. Many of my students’ parents were telling me about their day to day struggle to keep up the bilingualism especially at 2nd and 3rd generation.

It was then when I had the idea to set up my own school where the Italian language could be taught not just from the linguistic side but also as a language of heritage, where culture, tradition, history and geography blended together to form a unique program tailored for them.

Lingua4kids Accademia Italian was then born in September 2016, followed by the unique program Il Trenino (age 2 – 5) in February 2017.

Jennifer Perri-Damiano, Founder and Business Director of Lingu4Kids